High Net Worth Individuals

You work hard & smart, stay busy, earn a high household income, and have much of your material & discretionary needs covered financially.

You also pay a lot in taxes, and would love to minimize this drag on your wealth.  You may want to retire early.  You may be concerned about maintaining this lifestyle after your work income stops, and you aren’t sure if you’ve created enough wealth to do this.

Issues you could be thinking about:

  • I have accounts at different firms, so I really don’t have a comprehensive view of my total wealth and how the investments all work together
  • Is paying a fee to someone help me plan and invest my wealth worth the cost?
  • I need to establish a relationship with an Advisor my spouse can trust and understand.
  • I need a proactive Advisor when a situation arises that might affect my family’s financial affairs, and who knows the questions to ask that I may not.
  • How do I use my wealth for legacy planning?

We have helped many people successfully transition into retirement, and we can help examine different scenarios of what your goals may be, and how likely it is to achieve these goals.  There are several good reasons to retire, and there are also several good reasons to not retire. We ask the hard questions, for you to examine how this next chapter in your life will look, as it’s one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make.  Your financial comfort is our #1 priority.  Creating and implementing a comprehensive Financial Plan will increase your chances of success.